Marlène Torrent


I am a massage and bodywork therapist, trained and certified in America, with over 10 years experience working mainly with therapeutic and remedial massages.

My degree in Massage and Bodywork Therapy consisted of a 600 accredited hours curriculum, and a 100 hours clinical supervision at the Center For Massage and Natural Health (CFMNH) in Asheville North Carolina.

During my 6 years of living in Singapore, I worked first as a sports massage therapist in a physiotherapy practice specialized in sports injuries and chronic pain management, then as independent therapist focusing on muscular rehabilitation post injury or surgery, and with people suffering from chronic pain.

Continual education classes to deepen my knowledge and skills is a regular part of my life. I have acquired new techniques in the field of neuromuscular massages, as well as myofascial release. Currently I am further
training in craniosacral therapy.

I do have a fascination for our body’s ability to move, and heal itself naturally.

Through bringing my body into movement such as running, bike riding, swimming and practicing yoga, I am able to understand more about muscle functions and pain patterns.

I speak fluent French, English and German.

I am acknowledged and reimbursed by the main complementary health insurances (EMR/RME)